Brews On Tap (updated: 1/12/2014)


Pixie’s Revenge – Malty, with notes of apricots and pear. Aged in a Bourbon barrel (9.1% ABV)

Black Friday – Belgian Quad. Rich dark fruit and apple flavors. Aged in an apple brandy barrel. (11.5% ABV)

Barbera Grape Lambic- Sour grape lambic, naturally flavored (4.9% ABV)

Milk Stout- Brewed with all locally grown and malted grains from Deer Creek Malt House in Chester County, PA. (7.2% ABV)

 Avena XX – Limited release collaboration with Iron Abbey. Oatmeal Double IPA (9.3% ABV)

C.O.B. B.B.- Coffee Oatmeal Brown, Bourbon Barrel-Strong, lucious, malt-oriented ale aged on coffee. (8.3% ABV)

C.O.B.R.B.- Coffee Oatmeal Brown, Rum Barrel- Strong, luscious, malt-oriented ale aged on coffee. (8.3% ABV)

SAFEWORD! - Mango Habanero Imperial IPA.  Strong notes of Mango aroma and flavor, backed up by intense heat profile from Habaneros.  What’s your SAFEWORD?  (10.1% ABV)

Chasing the Dragon – Our Limited Release Imperial IPA. Sure to fulfill your “hop fix”. (11.2% ABV)

Techno IPA- East Coast IPA with grapefruits, tangerines melons. (7.3% ABV)

7 Course Irish Red – A brewery favorite.  Malt forward Irish red ale. (5.9 % ABV)

Hop Geek-Intensely complex hop profile that is supported by equally layered malt backbone. (8.9% ABV)

Pale Stout-  Qualities of a dry stout, but showcases the roasted barley, revealing unique flavors. (5.3% ABV)

Honey Ginger Belgian Tripel- Spicy notes and fruity esters are prominent in this Belgian Triple holiday brew. (8.8% ABV).

Community Kolsch – A German-style Ale, with characteristics similar to a lager. Malty sweet finish – (4.8% ABV)


Milk Stout Nitro- Brewed with all locally grown malted grains from Deer Creek Malt House in Chester County, PA in a creamy nitro form. (7.2% ABV)

Techno Nitro- Our popular Techno IPA in a new and creamy form: on nitro. (7.3% ABV)

Pale Stout Nitro- Our house Pale Stout, served on Nitro. Delicious and creamy throughout. (5.3% ABV)


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